Behind The Scenes

Archibald Carter 
Carter 1 (NPG x152208)_WEB.jpg

Mirabehn & Mahadev Desai 
Mira Behn & Gandhi at Darwen (b05823)_WEB.jpg

Muriel Lester 

Rose Rosenberg 
rose rosenberg.jpg

Conference Staff 
Dictating letters at the World Monetary and Economic Conference, Geological Museum, London, 1933 (conf107)_WEB.jpg

Stephen Gaselee 
Gaselee, 1936 (x167762)_web.jpg

Sarah Wambaugh 
Wambaugh at desk.jpg

Marthe Rajchman 
Marthe Rajchman.jpg

Margaret Cleeve 

Addie Hunton 
Addie Hunton, YMCA worker for American soldiers in World War I in France, ca. 1917-1918.jpg

Lydia Grinnell Brown 
Lydia-Grinnell-Brown 2.jpg

Rayford Logan 
Dr. Rayford W. Logan with students in Holiday Magazine, February 1950.jpg

Behind The Scenes